MARKLIN TRAINS have been around since the 1860's and continue today to be the world's largest AND oldest manufacturer of quality Model Trains. MODEL TRAIN CLASSICS, LLC is your headquarters for everything MARKLIN. We always have a nice selection on hand, but if we don't have what you want ... we can get you a quote on price and availability in short order!

MARKLIN TRAINS are represented here in the U.S. right here in the state of Wisconsin. We have an excellent relationship with them, and can get anything MARKLIN TRAINS markets in the U.S. in just a couple of days right here at MODEL TRAIN CLASSICS, LLC in Eau Claire, Wisconsin!! 

Speaking of Wisconsin, the MARKLIN staff in New Berlin, WI encourage you to join "The MARKLIN Club of North America."  There are several benefits to members that will keep you up-to-date and aware of all that's going on.  These benefits include the Club Newsletter "Insider," Collectible Annual Club Cars, access to "Insider Club releases, and technical help guide books and videos.  Find out more by calling 262-784-0717 or writing to: Marklin, Inc., P.O. Box 510851, New Berlin, WI 53151-0851, or simply ask for details at MODEL TRAIN CLASSICS, LLC.

MARKLIN offers almost every imaginable model, scale or size. If you don't have a copy of their latest catalog, you should! You can link directly to that catalog and their web site by clicking on MARKLIN right here, but there is nothing like having a MARKLIN catalog in your hands in front of the fireplace, late in the evening! It is truly a real wish book. Everything from the wonderful HO Class 89 DB Tank Loco (over 5 million made!) to the exotic Swiss "Crocodile".

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And then for us Americans (and Europeans too) there is the Union Pacific "Big Boy."  This year MARKLIN is offering a fantastic American starter set with two trains; a Union Pacific freight with the "Big Boy" at the point, and a Santa Fe passenger train with aluminum cars and an AB set of F7's.  Here's how it is described in the catalog:

"TERRIFIC!  The Americans say terrific, when they are totally enthusiastic about something.  Terrific means something such as colossal, fantastic, great - which rather exactly describes thei American digital premium starter set.  This starter set with two trains really only consists of superlatives: the longest HO freight train (170cm/67"), the largest starter set track layout (11.40 meters/over 37 feet of C track).  The steam and diesel locomotives in theis set are both equipped with digital high efficiency propulsion, sound effects circuits, and other controllable functions.  The new boxcar freight cars and the streamliner passenger cars (with aluminum bodies) represent the finest in the are of model building.  The wide radius C track turnouts are already equipped with turnout motors, and the 6021 control unit offers the entire range of digital enjoyment right from the start - terrific!"  (MODEL TRAINS CLASSICS, LLC has the two rail DC TRIX rendition of the Big Boy, the same model as the AC version, on display at the shop)

MODEL TRAIN CLASSICS, LLC also features a selection of unique MARKLIN and HAMO pieces in our museum. Everything from charming four-wheeled tinplate coaches to luxurious MITROPA coaches. Come in and take a look around. Always a good selection of "Starter Sets" too....

MARKLIN track is always a fascination, and we have examples of HO track from the 30's to the present. Unfortunately the much loved "M" (for metal) track is virtually no longer available ... and yes, we know, its passing is much lamented!

But time marches on, and MODEL TRAIN CLASSICS, LLC has a good selection of "C-Track" and almost instantaneous availability of "K-Track". Accessories abound too.

MARKLIN/TRIX products are very special. They always have been. Whether you need a single piece of track, or the fabulous TRIX 2-rail "Big Boy", ..... We've got it. Let MODEL TRAIN CLASSICS, LLC, be YOUR source for everything MARKLIN!

Model Train Classics, LLC is a retail business that maintains a downtown storefront, operating layouts, hundreds of in-stock items and old fashioned service. But we understand that this business is a competitive one and that we must offer more than our competition one that we must offer more than our competition to succeed. 

As of the posting of this notice, and indefinitely forward, we are commending with a special program for Marklin products: any individual Marklin item retail priced at $350 minimum or wholesale at $250 minimum, will be sold upon request, for 10% over our cost. Starter sets are not included in this offer. 

While this will make Model Train Classics, LLC competitive with mail order and electronic sales enterprises on the more expensive Marklin items, our hope is that we can create a meaningful Marklin customer base that will support our retail sales needs for less expensive items. Of course there is no obligation to do this, but we believe once you get to know us and appreciate our full service and dependability, you will enjoy doing business with us.
37554 Freight Locomotive with Tender

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​MARKLIN TRAINS! The name evokes memories, stories, wishes, feelings and dreams. And dreams are even more beautiful when they are possible.

Today's world news chases us through a constantly changing hot and cold stream of feelings, but you can set the news for yourself in your world of model railroading. Perhaps that is the reason for the growing popularity of this hobby. There are more and more model railroad display layouts providing fun and excitement for the entire family, and increasing numbers of people visit the MARKLIN booths at the public shows. MARKLIN reports that interest in all age groups is immense, most of the model railroaders are well informed, and they get important ideas for the MARKLIN assortment from the discussions in these groups.

Model Train Classics, LLC
Model Train Classics, LLC