In 2000, Lionel celebrated 100 years of continous manufacturing of high quality products for the Model Train Industry. Joshua Lionel Cowen and his Lionel Corporation pioneered virtually every development of O and O27 American model railroading equipment during those many years.

Today, as in the past, despite continuously viable competition, Lionel products continue to be innovative, cutting edge and of ever higher quality.
Over 100 Years of Magical Fun!!!
1935 Lionel Trains Catalog Cover
1952 F3 A-A and "Lionel Lines" Aluminum Coaches
W.C. Anderson Collection
Model Train Classics, Plus' stable of Select Lionel Steam
1952 Lionel Trains Catalog Cover
Lionel's first product, "Cigar Box on Wheels" C.1900
Standard Guage #8 Electric Loco and Coaches C. 1932
MTC, Plus Collection

Although Joshua Lionel Cowen started with a battery-driven electric fan motor in his wooden "cigar box on wheels" gondola, named the ELECTRIC EXPRESS, was not built to a particular scale, but for most of the first half of the century his company was known as the leader in "Standard" gauge model railroading.
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Since the model train industry chooses to manufacture with the collector as well as the occasional hobbyist in mind, production of any product is subject to limited numbers. While the types of equipment remain fairly constant, one cannot expect to find the exact piece shown in the catalog if it is not preordered during the specified time period.
In the Post-War years right up to the present, the staple has been O and O27 scale.
T​oday Lionel has a stable of steam engines that includes Pacifics, Hudsons (including a Dreyfuss designed streamlined Hudson), Ten Wheelers, Camelbacks , Yard Goats, Dock Siders and more...

Lionel has always been the leader and innovator in the development of rolling stock and passenger equipment. Lionel's steady and unceasing pursuit of creating operating railroad cars probably was as much a factor in making the Lionel name famous as the smoking locomotive! Almost everyone in the world has marveled at the little guy tossing out those milk cans, the logs being loaded on a staked flat, or the coal flowing into a hopper! And that doesn't include the operating accessories that add so much to the "action" of a Lionel railroad empire!!!

But action roling stock is not the only claim to fame for Lionel. Their new, and much of the old, rolling stock doesn't take a back seat to anyone in the industry. Color and add-on details are attractive and plentiful, couplers and trucks with needle point bearings are more dependable than ever whether they grace a box car or a streamlined aluminum passenger coach. And the state-of-the-art interiors and lighting systems for those passenger coaches are every bit as wonderful as advertised.

Be it "Play Value" or realism you prefer, Lionel can offer both and most often, in the same product!

Accessories have always been a big part of Lionel's "ACTION" railroads. From the simple flashing crossbuck to the Rotary Coal Tipple, there has hardly been a scene one couldn't model with Lionel accessories.

Most model train lovers are fully aware of the wonderful accessories Lionel has offered over the years, and they just keep 'em coming. Most of the old lineside standards are still in the inventory and many new, more scale-like railroad appurtenances have been making appearances year after year. And then there are the original "action" accessories that we all love so much; the Automatic Gateman, the cows loading into the stock car, the little guy tossing out the milk cans, the Exploding Box Car, the #47 Coaling Station, the GantryCrane, and on and on.
​...and diesels of every description; FT's, F3's, E6's E8's, FM's (H16-44), U Boats, Turbines, SD's, RS's ... You Name 'Em!
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