Large Scale Products
Commonly called G Scale, the Large Scale products are made in a variety of scales.  The common ones are 1:20, 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:29, and 1:32.  These trains run on Gauge 1 track, which is 1-3/4" or 45mm between the rail heads.  Most large scale products are made to used on either indoor or outdoor layouts.  Large scale trains may be track powered with DC or DCC electricity, onboard batteries, or even live steam.  Radio control is commonly used, especially on outdoor layouts.  Here is your opportunity to join two great hobbies - gardening and model railroading.

Model Train Classics, LLC
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Standard Gauge Products
About the only thing standard about standard gauge trains is the gauge, that is, the distance between the rail heads which is about 2-1/4". The track is 3-rail and the trains use AC power. These toy trains were made mostly of metal with production starting in the very early 1900's until about 1940. These are the forerunners of O scale trains. In the 1980's reproductions of these classic trains came to market. The more recent products have been been upgraded with modern electronics including sound.