HORNBY TRAINS - A name that harkens back to the earliest days of the century and still quickens the heart today!

Three model train producers have been continuously in production for over 100 years.  They have become world-famous for quality and variety... and longevity!  These companies are: Lionel, Marklin and HORNBY.

HORNBY'S founder, Frank Hornby, made a fortune on his meccano sets (as did A.C. Gilbert with his Erector sets), and by the early 1900's, HORNBY TRAINS was on its way to becoming a household word.

Hornby pioneered OO gauge with its Hornby-Dublo (for double O) two and three rail models... and was in full stride following WWII.  Putting quality and tradition first, he clung to the diecast locomotives and wonderful tin-plate wagons and accessories. And today, HORNBY is one of the HO/OO giants!

We are English train fanatics here at
stock a good supply of the wonderful
HO/OO HORNBY coaches, charming
goods wagons, and even many British and
"continental" building styles.  The new
range of SCALEDALE buildings is
absolutely superb and blends well with our
other British ouline buildings.  

HORNBY TRAINS has always been
famous for featuring the power and majesty
of the many steam and diesel locomotives
that hauled everything from heavy freights
to luxurious passenger trains the length
and breadth of England, Scotland and
Wales. Our museum features HORNBY
classics dating back to pre-WWII, and traces HORNBY'S evolution from the days of HORNBY-DUBLO through the products of ROVEX, LINE BROS., TRI-ANG/HORNBY, and finally the HORNBY of today. All for you to enjoy and savor.

features the world famous FLYING
SCOTSMAN and the fabulous LNER
MALLARD, the incredible ex-AIRFIX
(tiny 0-4-0) PUG, the lovely GWR
PANIER TANK, and many more. Back
on the shelves recently are the L.M.S.
FOWLER and the upgraded Southern
Railway West Country Class

New from the factory or pre-owned, HORNBY TRAINS are made to be run! We also have many exciting offerings from BACHMANN/BRANCHLINE

Pay us a visit or give us a call. If British HO/OO is your passion, come share ours; HORNBY TRAINS of yesterday or today. Add to your collection or just enjoy.  We can give you almost instantaneous (or for the more obscure pieces, one day turn-around) information on price and availability of all HORNBY items. 

We have an exclusive arrangement with the top importer of HORNBY TRAINS in the U.S. Consequently, we are able to give you the customer full access to their entire line, dependent of course upon production cycles. In short, anything that HORNBY TRAINS ships to the United States, is available at MODEL TRAIN CLASSICS, LLC in Eau Claire, Wisconsin!! 

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World Famous HORNBY Trains 
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