Model Train Classics, LLC
4284 London Road    Eau Claire, WI 54701
WE CARRY TRAINS AND ACCESSORIES in all the popular scales with emphasis on HO and O/O27 sizes. We are authorized retail dealers for:

    - ATLAS
    - HORNBY
    - LIONEL
    - MTH

And we enjoy all the latest offerings and sales assistance they provide for their retailers

NEARLY EVERY U.S. AND EUROPEAN MAKE can be purchased at Model Train Classics, LLC, as we have accounts in good standing with the finest wholesale distributors and manufacturers in the country. Among them are:

* Die Cast Direct
* Emery Distributors, Inc.
* E-R Model Importers, Ltd.
* Gargraves Trackage Corp.
* Great Planes Distributors, Inc.
* Horizon Hobby Distributors, Inc.
* Mamod Steam Engines, Inc.
* Micoscale Industries, Inc.
* Scale Graphics
* Scalextric USA
* The Train Tender
* Walthers
* Wilesco, and many others

We provide an EXPERT O GAUGE SCALE REPAIR DEPARTMENT with access to virtually every standard gauge, O and O27 replacement part made. Parts are either original production or after-market reproduction manufacture.

We repair items in the other scales too, when replacement parts are available. But in our throw away society many of the manufactures will not provide replacement parts.


There is something special about this hobby that other hobbies don't seem to have:  A special inexplicable bond it creates between a parent and child. The sense of ongoing amazement, a spark that lights the imagination or maybe it's just the magic it stirs in kids big and small.

Whatever it is, it is a hobby that pulls at the "Good Strings" of the heart, and its rewards are the fascination on the faces of the chidren as they watch the trains in the shop or through the windows from the sidewalk. For the kids and for us, "The Magic Is Back".

We think in this world gone a bit crazy, a little old fasion life style that includes creative toys for creative minds may be just a small mission we can contribute.

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